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The Sitcom Show is a video series I made between 2016 and 2019. Episodes 1-5 are available to watch below. I wrote an accompanying press release for each one, which can be read in the video description on vimeo. Here is the first, by way of an introduction: 

I think I am ready - to ‘productively’ lose it. On camera. Keep the 'productively’ in quotations there, because neoliberalism fucking loves your productivity and you need to be aware - your own production capabilities are being used against you and are keeping you penned in, or you are 'penning yourself in’. In the spirit of this, whilst sitting comfortably between parody and complicity, I am writing my own press release - in one sitting. On the day I sat down to write a sitcom my computer broke and I got a court summons for non payment of council tax. Prior to this I had many thoughts about whether or not a sitcom could be a poem, and about how to write a sitcom that challenged the idea of being a funny woman, by performing the breakdown of a personality into four characters by casting myself reading four parts, ensuring the whole performance would be quite, you know, 'MANIC’, showing that life cannot be explained by four straight female friends telling jokes about dating in some sort of grotesque reduction of the psyche. Yes, yes - I’m aware to even get THAT formation online or on the TV you have to be pretty clever. Then I thought MAYBE, to be really OUT THERE, my friends could play the parts of 'text messages’ because group chat is representative of how I use humour on a daily basis, and then I thought does the government just rely on us having a good sense of humour so we can cope with austerity measures…am I TRAPPING MYSELF with my own sense of humour? Then, all of those thoughts seemed irrelevant because of the court summons, so I filmed myself talking about the court summons and then that was Scene 1 done. I’ve written something that partially fails to be a sitcom, and sits more in realm of social realism, but I don’t care because imagining and making future failures is more interesting than my present reality.

Episode 6 was performed live at Peak Gallery, I am yet to edit the footage, and maybe the last episode will stay offline forever!

Further Information 

Interview with Hatty Nestor in AQNB 

Review by Alex Quicho in The White Review 

The Sitcom Show has been screened at; Ladette Space, Tate Britain, Arcadia Missa, VI VII, Two Queens, Auto Italia,  Wild Rents, We are Primary, Limbo, Big Screen South End, HAHA Gallery, SPUR, SERF, HUTT, East Side Projects, Peak Gallery, The Royal Standard, The White Pube (web residency), Vogue Fabrics, Bloc Projects and Becky's Gallery. 

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