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Solo Exhibitions

Poison Pen, Ginny on Frederick, London (2023)

Nothing is Trite, Immaterial Salon, ART O RAMA, Marseilles (2022) 

Yank The Chain (With Ruth Angel Edwards), Wysing Broadcasts, Wysing Arts Centre (2022) 

Pen Pusher, V.O Curations, London (2021)

The Sitcom Show - Series Finale, Peak Gallery, London (2019)

The Court Summons, Ladette Space, London (2016)

Wandle Park Poster Commission, Turf Projects, Croydon (2016) 

Solo Digital Commissions 

One In Every Village, The Box Contemporary Art Museum, Plymouth (2021) 

Skiving Off, White Pube online Resident April (2018) 

The Court Summons (video presentation) VI,VII, Oslo (2017) 


Selected Group Exhibitions

True Stories, PAF, Olomouc, Czech Republic (2023) 


Every Woman Biennial, Copeland Park Peckham, London (2022) 

Millenialism, Paradise Works, Manchester (2019) 

Fort Sumac, Enclave, Deptford (2019) 

Notes on Queerness, The Royal Standard, Liverpool (2018) 

Fluid Festival, Birmingham (2017) 

Slippery When Wet, HAHA Gallery, Southampton (2017) 

NAWKI Film Festival, South End & Bristol & Nottingham & London (2016)

The Disposable Journal with Montez Press, Matthew Gallery, New York (2016)

A Vanitas Painting, SERF, Leeds (2016)

Feral Kin, Auto Italia, London (2015)

Tarantellegra, Hester Gallery, New York (2015)

How Much Are They Paying You? The Royal Standard, Liverpool (2015)

The GobCentre, Sunridge Avenue Projects, Luton (2015)

Trace Programme / Aspirational Living, Flo Skate Park, Nottingham (2015)


Selected Performances & Events 

The Moment You Move is the Moment You Comply, Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof 

Fail Like Fire, ICA, London 

​Time for Success, Tate Britain, London 

Salon 18, BLOC Projects, Sheffield

Solitary Pleasures Symposium, Royal College of Art 

ONLY A SMALL DEATH, The Art School, Glasgow  

Not Your Circus, ICA, London

Plymouth Literature Festival, Ocean Studios, Plymouth 

Companion with Rosanna McLaughlin, UP Projects 

Performance Club, Art Licks Weekend, London 

Who Will Go To Art School Panelist, New Contemporaries at New Art Exchange, Nottingham

Art School in The Age of STEM Panelist, Wimbledon School of Art, London

A Fine Art Degree, Will I Ever Practice?  Chair - Panel Discussion, Richmix London 

East London Fawcett Art Audit Launch Research Presentation, Calvert 22 Gallery


Published Writing 

Interview with Lea Delaria, Lesley Magazine

Moved By Art, Curating The Contemporary

Four Seasons of Corporate Social Responsibility, Curating The Contemporary 

But Julian, I'm a Little Bit Older Than You, Solitary Pleasures Catalogue, Freud Museum

Only Fools Vote Tory and Self Care Rhymes with Cher, Curating the Contemporary

Got 2 B Ambivalent, Happy Hypocrite Issue 9, Bookworks

No one will ever love you the way your mother failed to, How To Sleep Faster 7, Arcadia Missa

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Sonia, Curating the Contemporary

There is a Guinea Fowl, On a Chain, in the Garden, Honey I'm Home, RCA

The Posters Were Everywhere, Where is Ana Mendieta?  

Don't Make Me Nervous, I'm Holding a Baseball Bat, Trace Programme, an Aspirational Living Publication

Art is A Guarantee of Sanity, Laugh Magazine Issue 1

​Primadonna Post Madonna Embodiment, Montez Press 

On Coping, Auto Italia

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